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Med Students

My neighbor called this morning in a panic and asked if I could please drive her and her teen-aged daughter to the hospital. She didn’t want to call an ambulance, but she had no transportation until her husband got home late tonight with the family car. Of course I agreed to drive her. Her daughter looked very pale and sweaty and I was very concerned for her health. I suspected heat exhaustion – but it could have been something even […]

Health and Beauty Issues

Today’s technologies are simply brilliant these days, with state of the art facilities and products available while all becoming more affordable we now have the ability to do just about anything to anyone as we please. The medical field is a fascinating field, one that is growing faster then most of us can keep up with. I enjoying the various television shows that are centered around the medical field. House has become one of my favorite shows as of late, […]

Outdoor Hot Tubs and Their Covers

What I wouldn’t give to have a nice hot tub to soak in after a long hard day around here. It would be great to have one set up right out on the side porch, a perfect place for a good sized hot tub, outside, but not too far from the side door. Of course if I ever get enough cash together to purchase one I would need to then search for good quality hottub covers, since it would be out in […]


Could not sleep last night, so I turned on the TV and thought it might bore me back to sleep. I rarely stay awake past the late night news. Every once in a while I try to watch a little of the David Letterman Show. But honestly, it’s hard to stay up that late and be productive the next day. For some reason I could not sleep and the Letterman Show was long over with. After his show was another […]

Got Milk?

Was watching the news yesterday morning (I’m thinking it was The Today Show) and they were running a story about how within a short period of time milk is going to cost $6.00 a gallon! They were blaming the increasing cost of fuel for the increase, which is the reason that the price is rising on just about everything.I think that is horrible! Milk is going to become a luxury item at that price! For many years there has been […]