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Hands-On CPR

Did you know that a victim of a cardiac arrest could die within four – six minutes if they are not treated the right way and in a timely fashion? And that today’s studies show that by providing CPR to an adult that has collapsed due to a sudden cardiac arrest can more than double or triple a person’s chance of coming out of  type of arrest alive. What really bites is that less than 1/3 of these people, that are not in the hospital at that precise moment, don’t even receive CPR.

I know that way too many people are not comfortable performing CPR on anyone – especially on some one that they don’t know for a various reasons. Since the 1980’s what with the AIDS/HIV epidemic people are really scared about getting that close to anyone and have really shied away from the whole CPR idea, big time and not just because they are afraid of doing something wrong. It is such a shame.

I’m so glad that there is a big new ad campaign going on right now with the American Heart Association and the Ad Council that is introducing the Hands-Only CPR technique that hopefully will have a positive impact on people and get people to start saving lives and reducing the number of people that are dying each day because of heart failure. This Hands-Only CPR is a simple 2 step process, the first thing you do is call 911 and the second being to push hard and fast on the chest, right in the center of it, until help arrives.

Thought a Laugh Would Help Today!

Did you hear about the guy who was in a bar about as drunk as it’s possible to get?

A group of guys notice his condition and decide to be good Samaritans and take him home. First they stand him up to get to his wallet so they can find out where he lives, but he keeps falling down.

He fell down eight more times on the way to the car, each time with a real thud.

After they get to his house, he falls down another four times getting him to the door. His wife comes to the door, and one guy says, “We brought your husband home.”

The wife asks, “Where’s his wheelchair

I’m sorry but I just couldn’t resist!!!

Obesity Statistics, Eating Us Alive

The Obesity Statistics are a major concern right now. We have become a population of over eaters and the cost of the related medical care is eating us alive. I realize that most of the people I know are dealing with weight issues.  Being overweight and suffering from those complications are weighing heavily on their mind as well as their bodies. I’m so glad that the “fat gene” isn’t abundant in my family. To be honest, there are a few family members who could stand to lose a few pounds, nothing major though, ten to twenty pounds, tops.

family's fat gene

Don’t Accept Your Family’s Fat Gene

Med Students

My neighbor called this morning in a panic and asked if I could please drive her and her teen-aged daughter to the hospital. She didn’t want to call an ambulance, but she had no transportation until her husband got home late tonight with the family car. Of course I agreed to drive her. Her daughter looked very pale and sweaty and I was very concerned for her health. I suspected heat exhaustion – but it could have been something even worse.

We got o the hospital quickly and without incident and I helped them get in the ER entrance. She asked me to not bother staying at the hospital – she just need the ride to get there. That is not the way I was raised – I felt a duty to go inside and make sure she would be treated and taken care of – not just drop someone off and drive away. I don’t care how many white lab coat doctors, med students and nurses were milling about – I needed to know that she would be seen.

It has been a couple of years since I’ve even seen a lab coat or pair of scrubs anywhere. Thankfully I’ve been healthy and not been around hospitals much. In fact, the last time I saw anyone in scrubs is when I went online and ordered a Halloween costume for my nephew, who wanted to go trick or treating dressed as a med student flunky, with fake blood smeared all over his shirt and gloves.

Health and Beauty Issues

Today’s technologies are simply brilliant these days, with state of the art facilities and products available while all becoming more affordable we now have the ability to do just about anything to anyone as we please. The medical field is a fascinating field, one that is growing faster then most of us can keep up with. I enjoying the various television shows that are centered around the medical field. House has become one of my favorite shows as of late, an interesting program, as well as entertaining, to say the least.

Dermatology has a lot to offer these days, liposuction in chicago is being done at Lakeview Dermatology, in the Park Ridge area, which is a leading dermatology clinic that specializes in laser acne treatments, liposuction, hair removal treatments, Restylane treatments and many other skin care treatments as well, which are making numerous people so much happier with their bodies and their health. We are a population of people overly concerned with our appearance so this is a great field to be in these days.

Not only are we concerned with looks for appearance sake, but for numerous health reasons as well. I know several people that have turned to these type of procedures, all of them are very happy with their results, no law suites are pending and everyone is happy with their new looks and their longer life expectancies.