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Mantyhose, Not your Mom’s Pantyhose!

I ran across a very odd story about how men are proudly wearing pantyhose and a that new product called Mantyhose is now on the market specifically for men to wear, for a variety of reasons. It seems that men have been wearing women’s pantyhose for quite some time now, for support, comfort and aesthetic purposes.

This story stated that European men have been sporting hose for several years, but the trend has been slow to catch on in the U.S. Steven Katz, who is a co-owner of Ohio-based Comfilon came up with the idea for creating men’s pantyhose after surfing the Internet and finding complaints from men who were frustrated about their lack of options. Many men who wear “mantyhose” say it isn’t them or even other guys who are embarrassed -it’s mostly their wives and girlfriends.

The Atlanta-based Luxelegwear with whom makes these European hosiery brands available around the world, has sold 75 to 80 percent of its products to men since it started in 2005.

How Dumb Do You Have To Be?

I know that I’m not a parent (at least I don’t think I am!) but I’d like to think that I’d be a pretty good one down the road.  I mean that I think I have at least some common sense that would keep my child from falling out of an open second story window!  I’m saying this as a result of reading an Internet story about an incident that happened in New York a while back, where a baby fell out of an open second story window.

Thank goodness the baby is safe, it was an odd chance of fate that a postal worker was under the window trying to deliver a package when the baby fell on top of the postal worker!  The postal worker managed to catch the baby!  The mother says she put the baby on a bed beside an open window, turned her back for a moment and the baby seized that moment to crawl out the open window and fall out.  So just how dumb do you have to be to put a baby in a position where the baby could even get near an open second floor window?  For crying out loud, put the baby on the floor!  Put strong screens or bars on the window!

There are some people are just too stupid to be parents, and yet they ARE parents anyway.  The stupid gene continues to proliferate.

safety of babies

Keep That Baby Safe By All Means

Necessary Help for Today’s Teens

The stories of folks looking for teenager addiction help are far from fading away.  The statistics are more than alarming concerning abuse that is still heavily on the rise with our kids, the same kids that will be running the show in the next decade or two or three, if we have any left that are willing and capable of doing so. Now that is a scary thought indeed.

There are a good number of teen treatment program websites all over the Internet full of information and that are offering their help with today’s youth, along with help for a good amount of adults that are struggling with substance abuse as well. Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab show, which is on VH1 I believe is helping people understand and bringing to light a lot of the problems that go along with addiction issues. I can only prey that people are watching and that he is able to help people, no matter what age they are, with this crisis that is affecting way too many people these days. The world has certainly gone crazy, something has to come about and soon folks.

Paint Ball Update

The recent game of paintball ended up being a blast, a good time was had by all. The weather was perfect, no rain or severe heat threatened the days fun. More peopled showed up than I expected but it all worked out and I’m looking forward to the next scheduled game day,

I’m not nearly as tired or sore as I anticipated, since I had not playing a game in some time. So next time I will not be as anxious about the whole ordeal and can relax and enjoy the sport for what it is. I still want to buy my Tippmann A-5 Scenario Paintball Gun as well as the whole darned set that is pictured with it.

the whole kaboodle

Tippmann A-5 Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Flatline Paddles Set

A Good Day for Paintballing

Tomorrow’s weather forecast is indicating that it will most likely be the last nice day that we will be able to enjoy before the really hot and humid weathers sinks in and then the temperatures will be the norm for a few months. While I really should spend the day doing things around the place, but I’ve decided to take up my buddies offer of participating in a good old paintball game with them tomorrow afternoon.

In anticipation of the “friendly” game that is scheduled for tomorrow, I have gone online and looked at a site that I had bookmarked, some time back, and found myself wishing that I could have a nice new paintball gun for the occasion. They ship things very quickly, but not that quick.

They have such a nice looking and sounding

paintball gun for fun

Tippmann A-5 Scenario Paintball Gun

that I would love to be able to bring along. Having good paintball markers is such a plus when participating in this very strenuous sport, that will most likely cause me to be in pain for the following days after the game. I’ll have to see how it goes tomorrow, if I survive the whole game and feel good about playing again, as it has been a few years since playing last, I may just have to order a new gun from them,