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Nubz Dental Treats

I have been a member of our local Costco for as long as I can remember. Every now and then I’ll go into town and take a trip to Costco and fill up with all kinds of goodies. They do have great prices if you don’t mind buying large items and items in bulk.  I always come out of there with a few hundred dollars less in my wallet, but I’m usually stocked up pretty well for my effort.

The dogs here really enjoy the  Nubz Dental Treats that they sell there, they even have coupons for these healthy dog treats in their monthly publications that I always take advantage of.  These treats are all natural, good for the teeth and there dog breath that can some times knock a buzzard of off a manure wagon!  I like that they are made in the U.S.A. and are made with real chickena and are even Gluten-free, which are both a big deal these days.

A Good Friend Gone Bad

I got a phone call last night from an old friend who called to tell me that a good friend of ours from back in the good old days had just passed away behind bars in the prison that he was serving time in for kidnapping. I had no idea that this guy was doing time and I certainly didn’t know that he was into kidnapping. I did know that he had done some time in the 90’s for robbing a bank, but I had thought that he had turned his life around, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

As much as this guy turned into a total waste of a human being, I still hate the thought that he died in prison. Plus his two children, who are adults at this point, will have to live not only with the thought of their father spending so much of their life doing time but his life ending alone and behind bars.

Looking Into Health Insurance

Now that Brandon is turning twenty four he has started looking for health insurance in nc. As most of us know, the health care system has turned into a huge nightmare all across the country. It seems like every month we are being told that there are cliches in the Affordable Heath Care act and their website, which isn’t helping the general population one bit.

One has to wonder when this will all be straightened out. As hard as it is on people looking for health insurance, I have to imagine how hard it is to be in the health insurance business. I have a good friend that is in the life/home/auto and health insurance business that I just might have to call and see how he is fairing throughout this whole mess.

He is a good guy, who opened his agency in 2008, right when the economy went south. He has two young kids, a new house with a mortgage and a business that he sunk everything he had into, that is just barely hanging on. It would be good to hear his voice again.


Hands-On CPR

Did you know that a victim of a cardiac arrest could die within four – six minutes if they are not treated the right way and in a timely fashion? And that today’s studies show that by providing CPR to an adult that has collapsed due to a sudden cardiac arrest can more than double or triple a person’s chance of coming out of  type of arrest alive. What really bites is that less than 1/3 of these people, that are not in the hospital at that precise moment, don’t even receive CPR.

I know that way too many people are not comfortable performing CPR on anyone – especially on some one that they don’t know for a various reasons. Since the 1980’s what with the AIDS/HIV epidemic people are really scared about getting that close to anyone and have really shied away from the whole CPR idea, big time and not just because they are afraid of doing something wrong. It is such a shame.

I’m so glad that there is a big new ad campaign going on right now with the American Heart Association and the Ad Council that is introducing the Hands-Only CPR technique that hopefully will have a positive impact on people and get people to start saving lives and reducing the number of people that are dying each day because of heart failure. This Hands-Only CPR is a simple 2 step process, the first thing you do is call 911 and the second being to push hard and fast on the chest, right in the center of it, until help arrives.

Thought a Laugh Would Help Today!

Did you hear about the guy who was in a bar about as drunk as it’s possible to get?

A group of guys notice his condition and decide to be good Samaritans and take him home. First they stand him up to get to his wallet so they can find out where he lives, but he keeps falling down.

He fell down eight more times on the way to the car, each time with a real thud.

After they get to his house, he falls down another four times getting him to the door. His wife comes to the door, and one guy says, “We brought your husband home.”

The wife asks, “Where’s his wheelchair

I’m sorry but I just couldn’t resist!!!