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The Local Diner Sounds Mighty Fine

I have decided that on Sunday evening I will go into town and have dinner at the local diner for a nice change. I have grown weary of cooking for myself each night. Most nights I only have the strength for a quick sandwich and a glass of milk. I’m way over due.

It’s nice to know that they participate with the Farm to Table practice that is getting larger and larger across the whole nation. Being a local farmer, it’s to my best interest to spend my money there.

support your local diner who utilizes the farm to table practice

Farm To Table

Safety, Common Sense is Involved

I have several friends that ride their Harleys and they all come from different kinds of backgrounds and a few have careers that you wouldn’t imagine them to have, while sporting the tattoos and all that black leather that is essential for any rider. Several times a year, I will hear the sound of Harleys coming down our road and then continue on coming up all the way into the driveway. I end up having quite a good old time with some very interesting folks who have come by for a entertaining visit.

We have heard so many stories of fallen brothers that have been killed or severally injured while riding their bikes, and all of my “Biker” friends seem very adamant about safety issues that are mostly just common sense if you ask me. There are many places no that anyone can go to and purchase all types of motorcycle safety clothing and helmets at great discount offerings along with all types of accessories that play an important part of motorcycle riding.

Tooth Paste

I’m getting to the age where my teeth are getting sensitive and I’ve had to start buying the type of toothpaste for folks like me that don’t like pain. I have to be careful with hot things, sweet things and cold things that I try and place in my mouth which is a real drag. I’m glad that they (the toothpaste industry) have something that helps prevent such agony.

my teeth hurt

Tom’s Tooth Paste

Birthday Chocolates

It must really bite to have a birthday so close to Christmas. No matter what they say, you will get robbed of at least one or more of the celebrations, most likely several in your life time. My sister was born on December the 22nd and since she has become a mother she really has put her needs and wants behind everyone else, just like a good mother does. She hasn’t really celebrated her own birthday in many years, although I make a point of sending her a birthday present well ahead of time so that it doesn’t get lost in the holiday madness that goes on that last week before Christmas.

This year I ordered her some good quality chocolates that I have discovered online. She can squirrel them away some where away from her hubby and the kids and hopefully enjoy these nice chocolates all to her self, unless of course some are left over when I get over that a way after the holidays are done and over with. I always enjoy a nice piece of chocolate myself, but can only take so much as a time.


I’ve got way too many cats running around here! Lets see now, in the neutered male division we have a large red, (from whence he got his name, “Red”), and a rather large and imposing solid black, who goes by the name of “Rocky”. In the spayed female ranks we have “Wild Thing”, sometimes referred to as “Momma Cat”, and a big fluffy grey we call “Jada”.

The newest of the bunch is a small striped grey that looks a lot like “Wild Thing”, in coloring, yet to be spayed. They all eat way too much and to top it all off they are all save the kitten bigger than my one house dog, a small female purebred shizu. The dog is nuttier then a fruitcake and twice as dumb! But ya gotta love her, she’s just so darn cute!