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Could not sleep last night, so I turned on the TV and thought it might bore me back to sleep. I rarely stay awake past the late night news. Every once in a while I try to watch a little of the David Letterman Show. But honestly, it’s hard to stay up that late and be productive the next day. For some reason I could not sleep and the Letterman Show was long over with. After his show was another […]

Got Milk?

Was watching the news yesterday morning (I’m thinking it was The Today Show) and they were running a story about how within a short period of time milk is going to cost $6.00 a gallon! They were blaming the increasing cost of fuel for the increase, which is the reason that the price is rising on just about everything.I think that is horrible! Milk is going to become a luxury item at that price! For many years there has been […]

A Good Future Career Choice

My oldest sister’s, oldest daughter has finally decided to do something with her life and pursue a career as a beauty therapist, the family couldn’t be happier to see her settle on this career choice, which we all think will fit her to a tee. She has been lolly gagging long enough, with two young kids that need a mother that is bringing in a consistent paycheck to support them with she has been job hopping for several years now […]

Nemo Tents and Sleep Systems

For many years, more than I wish to confess to, I have been wanting to go out with some friends and go hiking, camping and fishing like the good ol’ days, but had just been too tied down with work and spending time with loved ones. This year I felt was a brand new year, and was a perfect time for me to get out there and so something I had always wanted to do. Like I said before I had been wanting to […]


I love that fact that I am so close with my sisters, and it seems the older we get the closer we become and I realize how truly blessed I am to have them in my life, and my brothers also, of course. My sisters and I talk on the phone only on occasion, we mainly converse via email and recently using the Instant Messaging, at night when we are most likely all to be on-line. Isn’t it so great […]