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Musician Friends

Just like last year, I plan on doing the majority of my Christmas shopping without having to go into town and deal with all the hassles that I really dislike about shopping in the old fashioned brick and mortar stores, I have never been into spending time at the local mall, I just don’t understand what all the hoopla is about when it comes to shopping, especially around the holiday season, which is starting earlier and earlier with each passing year,

Most of my immediate family members that I am obligated to purchase gifts for are into musician friends in one way or another so it makes it a bit easier for me to find the perfect music related presents online at my convenience.  At you can actually call their toll free number 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. PST, Monday – Friday and/or 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. PST, on the Weekends and speak to on of their “Gear Heads” who are very knowledgeable with all of the merchandise that they are offering to their online shoppers. Sometimes it is nice to be able to pick up the phone and talk to an actual human being, without having to leave the house to find what you are looking for.

truth be told

Couldn’t Say It Better Myself

It’s All About The Weather Gods

My sister and her family (hubby and two kids) are leaving tomorrow for their last fling of the summer. Most kids are all ready back in school, but she home schools her kids so they don’t have to worry about the kids missing the first part of school and can take advantage of the reduced rates that are offered for after the Labor Day week end is over and done with.

The whole family enjoys playing golf and hopefully the weather will be great for the beach as well as a few rounds of golf. There are wonderful Myrtle Beach golf courses that they will be checking out. Sis spent a good amount of time online looking for the best Myrtle Beach golf packages and her efforts paid off when she landed on Their site made it nice and easy where she could arrange their tee times and their accommodations at the same time.

She picked the Stay & Play Golf package and I’m sure I’ll be hearing all the details along with plenty of pictures and videos that they will be taking. Hope they have a blast, may the weather gods be gentle with them. This time of the year you never know what to expect!

Atomic Timepieces

I hate it when I walk in the room to a TV program that is just wrapping up an interesting topic of discussion that I would have enjoyed listening to and watching for the entire time period. I wish I had the Direct TV package that gives you the DVR that allows you to stop, rewind, pause, fast forward and even record your TV programs in record time.

I’m hoping next year that things will have let up some around the place and I can upgrade a few things that I would enjoy instead of just the things that are needed. Last night I just missed a discussion about Atomic Watches that I really would have liked to have seen, since Atomic Watches were the topic of discussion a few weeks ago at the dinner table at my sister’s house. She invites me over as often as possible in an effort to keep good food in me and to get me away from the farm, which is always something to look forward to.

We have always been close and since our parents passed away a few years back and I am now in charge of the old homestead she has been a tremendous help to me through out the whole ordeal.

Anyway, my sister and her husband were tossing around ideas for a birthday gift for her father-in-law, when it came up that a nice Atomic Watch would be a good gift idea for him this year. I didn’t know that the first atomic clock was built in 1949 and that they are the most accurate time know, as well as frequency standards. They are used to control the frequency of television broadcasts and in global navigation satellite systems like our GPSs that we are all relying on more and more these days.

Her father-in-law has certain standards and we all think that a nice looking quality Atomic Watch would most definitely fit the bill of his idea of a welcomed and appreciated gift. Most people are relying on their electronic devices to tell us the time, but a good amount of our senior citizens are still wearing and depending on quality time pieces and watches are still the main way to tell you the time in a quick glance, no matter where you are, right?

They shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect watch by taking their time and searching the Internet. Sis is a whiz at finding deals online so I’m sure they will come out of this smelling like roses!

Oh My Aching Back

There is an issue with the old bed and mattress that I have had to sleep on since coming back home to the farm. My aching back is telling me that I need to plunge ahead and purchase a new set, in an effort to save my health. There is too much to do around here, I’ve been taking Aleve day and night, it helps a little, but this nagging back ache has got to go, and soon.

Since I don’t live close to any sizable town to drive into and shop around for the perfect bed and mattress set, I will take advantage of the Internet and seriously start looking into buying a complete new one for the Master Bedroom, in which I am currently residing in.

There isn’t a shortage of companies that are offering beds online, these days, I’ve been looking all morning while watching the Inauguration on the television. I really like what I see at, the Silent Night Company is a household name in the U.K.

I’ll have to make a decision soon once and for all. A good night’s sleep is a key factor on what goes on in the daytime.

The Milky Wave Story – Tie Dye

It has been a struggle for my friend Lazaro that is trying to keep his late- mother’s tie dye business going since she suddenly died of a heart attack last year. Helen was a great lady that I became good friends with so long ago. I used to make a point of stopping off at her store at least once a month and spend an hour or so keeping her company and listening to her stories that she was known for telling. She had a remarkable life and had a lot to say and would sit and talk with anyone that was willing to listen for however long it took.

I have been trying to get folks to stop by and give Lazaro some much needed support and some business so that he doesn’t have to close the doors any time soon. They have a great website that they have been working hard at updating and bringing it into the 21st century. Helen wasn’t into the computer world at all but Lazoro understands how important the Internet is for businesses and has done a great job with the cards that he has been dealt in his short lifetime. If your into tie dye but aren’t close by you can check out their website at and see what they have to offer online shoppers.