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My Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang

Okay, I have gone ahead and submitted my order for the fender kurt cobain mustang. It has taken a couple of weeks to decide which one to actual commit to purchasing such an extreme gift to myself, but what’s done is done. Considering I really feel the need to play the  guitar, at the end of the day I think I made a good choice.

Now all I have to do is waiting for it to arrive at the post office. They won’t deliver any packages to my mailbox since I live pretty far out in the boonies and the mailbox is almost a 1/4 drive down the driveway and who know who could grab it and drive away with it. So it doesn’t bother me to have to drive to the post office to pick up any packages, it’s only about four miles down the road and the Post Master is a good friend of the family. It’s always good to catch up with what is going on with everyone in town. If something is going on you can bet the Post Master will know before most people.

all that and a bag of chips

Fender Kurt Cobain

Raincoats, a Necessity

A good quality warm raincoat is what I’m currently looking for now that I have spent the last few months out in the wet and cold every morning, afternoon and night doing what needs to be done around the farm and all of the out buildings. The Internet is making this necessary search so much easier, I really like not having to drive town to town, for hours on end, looking for the best possible deal and fit, just sitting by the fire, keeping warm and dry, with my laptop, looking online is definitely the way to go for me.

Burned Right to The Ground

My buddy Gary, who lives in North Carolina, and has been a vendor at their local flea market, called me last night with very disturbing news. The flea market burned to the ground yesterday and every dealer lost everything. He isn’t sure what the insurance situation is, he is assuming that the owner has insurance on the building, but isn’t clear on if the vendors are covered.

This was a huge indoor and outdoor flea market that had hundreds of dealers renting space, with tons of merchandise that is now totally destroyed. Sad news for everyone involved indeed. The only good news is that no one was hurt.

The Tremolo Pedal Was A Huge Hit

The tremolo pedal that I bought my nephew last Christmas (wow Christmas seems like it was so long ago) has made a big impact on him and his music. Music has always been such a big deal in our families lives and I am glad to help nurture anyone’s interest and abilities in the family, when I can.

The house was always full of music back in the day. My mother didn’t enjoy a quiet house, so there was usually a radio on in various rooms and levels of the house. Something that I try to continue to do here today. I don’t like a quiet house either and since I live hear alone it is a constant battle, while trying to conserve electricity.

guitar centers boss pedal

Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal

Fix and Repair

Doesn’t anyone, anywhere, have some good news to share? I have to wonder this since every single person that I speak with has such sad and depressing stories to tell. The need for money has driven people into such desperate times and so many people are finding themselves in need of some type of credit repair due to the economy crisis. The trickle down effect has been devastating and lives are being destroyed left and right with credit becoming a “hot topic” indeed.

If something doesn’t break soon, and it certainly doesn’t sound good at this point, people are really going to be upset and even more depressed and stressed out and we will really be in a pickle. one that will leave a bad taste in every one’s mouth. I know of so many folks who are looking for ways to repair credit issues and have gone online to find relief. There are opportunities out there to fix credit, which is such an important aspect of today’s needs and lifestyles and ways to consolidate debts as well on the Internet.

I’d love to hear a good story, if one would care to share it here, it would be graciously received.