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Someone Has To Do It

All of this rain is costing a fortune for so many good people, I’m sure the insurance companies are not at all happy with all of the claims that have been pouring in the past couple of months either. Cleaning and Restoration businesses have been¬†experiencing a very good profitable year, and I hear that there is now a shortage of carpet drying fans austin texas area¬†and these companies are scrambling for any type of fan that will help them during […]

My Left Handed Shredders Guitar

Okay, I have gone ahead and submitted my order for the shredders guitar. It has taken a couple of weeks to decide which one to actual commit to purchasing such an extreme gift to myself, but what’s done is done. Considering I need a left handed guitar, at the end of the day I think I made a good choice. Now all I have to do is waiting for it to arrive at the post office. They won’t deliver any […]

Nady-HM-10U Headset Mic

With the Nady HM-10U being marked down to such a decent price, as well as getting the headset without having to pay for shipping and handling, just makes sense to go ahead order it. My nephew has his 13th birthday coming up next month and I think, no I know, that he would be thrilled with this gift idea that I have managed to come up without having to do much asking around and/or digging. I hope the look on […]

It’s Now or Never To Buy Myself A Guitar

So far the best EVH guitars that I have found online are going for some pretty decent discounts. It feels good taking my time and doing research on finding the best deal ever before placing an order. Last week I discovered a few gift cards that I had received for Christmas and had tucked away so it seems to be a good time to get myself my dream guitar. Besides I should be getting a decent tax refund here pretty […]

Affordable Bass Tabs

Good that that the bass tabs aren’t as pricey as I first thought they would be. You see my sister’s youngest son, my nephew Jeff, is going to be celebrating his 16th birthday in the second week of July. We are throwing him a good sized party to celebrate the birthday of all birthdays. Sixteen, old enough to be behind the wheel. Hopefully close to being out of high school and most guys start shaving and trying to deal with […]

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