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Organizing and Event Management

Advertising has always been and always will be an issue, you need to get the word out about what you have to offer in order for people to know to come to you for your goods or services. We all know how the Internet has made this issue a much easier task to take on in so many ways. And it’s only getting better and better these days.

I’ve found an interesting site at Eventish dot com that I wanted to spread the word around about here. This is a unique site that assists in the marketing of various events. This is where companies, organizations and individuals go to to make their fundraising, workshops, meetings, classes or even birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions known to others and where you can go to get tickets and other pertinent info as well.

With the population ever growing and so much going on around us we can all use something like Eventish to make things like this an easier process. If you are interested and have a moment to check this site out to see all that they have to offer I would urge you to take a bit of time and see if it is something that you can use for yourself for some type of event that you are trying to promote or if you are trying to find out information about an event that is all ready scheduled. I think that you will find it a most useful and handy tool to have bookmarked.

Recycled Bottleneck Guitar Slides

This bottleneck guitar slide is really made from an actual wine bottle. Whenever I discover a product and/or service that is offering something that is recycled or any of the other various ways to help keep our earth as safe as possible, I get a bit excited and try to spend my hard earned money that I earn on this piece of dirt that God has allowed me to utilize to survive.

Looks like I’ll be buying one of these babies here real soon. The farm is going to get real busy here real soon. Spring is my favorite of the four seasons, but it is a lot of work to get everything around here done and ready for the hot summer months.

Recycled Wine Bottle Neck

Bottle Neck Slide

The Need For Updated Kitchen Applicances

There is no way around the fact some of the things around here are going to have to be replaced with more updated and current products that are available in the 21st century. The Refrigerators back in the day when this model came out are now pretty much obsolete and parts are hard to find so a new one is going to be a necessity any day now, I’m afraid.

Once one appliance goes it always seems to be just the beginning of more things having issues.  The Dishwasher doesn’t even get used since I’m the only one here most of the time, it would take over a week to fill that sucker up and I don’t have a large amount of dinnerware that can be used in today’s Microwave Ovens, mother didn’t cook in the microwave,  that is where I do a good amount of my cooking I’m afraid.

Cooking for one can be a real drag day in and day out. As a matter of fact living alone is getting old night after night, as well. But anyway I think that I will start looking around online at night and see what types are out there that would look good and fit in the spaces available, some newer ones are larger and some are made more compact these days. It will be a challenge but I’ve got to do it sooner or later. Might as well be prepared and no what I’m getting myself into.

Tax Time, it’s the Right Time

It has always been a good idea to donate your used vehicle to the different charities that are looking for donations. These days they have even started to accept more things than ever to donate, such as airplanes and even your unused/unwanted time shares, which I think is a pretty cool deal.

The numerous vehicle donation programs are always looking for donations, especially this time of year, since we are all in the mind set of taxes at this point, it is a good time to consider donating what you can for next year’s tax filing process, for a nice write off, and helping others that need your donations for support in many ways.

Protecting Mother’s Wedding Dress

I’m thinking of digging out my mother’s wedding dress, that has been in a chest, at the foot of the bed, in one of the upstairs bedrooms and giving it to my sister to have and to hold. While I am in there I am going to look for platinum wedding rings that I was told were in there as well. We have already agreed that I will keep these rings, at least for now. They will be placed in mother’s jewelry box, along with a few other key pieces of jewelery that we want to keep in the family.

But before I do all of that I want to look at some different types of garment bags, so that I can give the dress to her fully protected, safe and secure.

I never knew that there was so many different types of these protective products to choose from but I think I found the perfect one, made specifically made for a wedding dress such as this one is and have ordered it this afternoon and am guaranteed same day shipping, so it should arrive promptly for me to turn over to her the next time she visits me and the farm.