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Dozens of Reviews

Afters looking at over a dozen different online reviews and music stores I have decided a Martin 12 String Acoustic guitar would be a great birthday/Christmas present for my nephew this year. He has been using an old beat up guitar that his father found for him at a flea market years ago and I think it’s time that he had a nicer acoustic guitar to play on. He is a good kid and if strumming a guitar keeps him […]


Football, or fusbal, or to the common man, soccer! A grand sport indeed. Seems to me to be a glorified form of kickball with a hockey net. Not that it isn’t something that takes a bit of stamina, strength and some wicked kicking skills, but what I just don’t get is why everywhere in the world that they play the sport, the spectators get a bit violent, to say the least, over it! I saw on the news a while […]

It’s All About Gold

Since I live and work on a farm there is no gold IRA  or gold 401k for me in the near future.  From what I’ve been reading online, the big thing now is gold being the number one alternative for the Pension Plans that most white collar workers have at their disposal through their employer. Times are increasingly becoming more uncertain, while gold is always a good investment and always has been. Gold Coins Gain has a very informative website that […]

Nubz Dental Treats

I have been a member of our local Costco for as long as I can remember. Every now and then I’ll go into town and take a trip to Costco and fill up with all kinds of goodies. They do have great prices if you don’t mind buying large items and items in bulk.  I always come out of there with a few hundred dollars less in my wallet, but I’m usually stocked up pretty well for my effort. The […]

Shut up and drink your beer

This is a terrific recording by the old country singer Doye O’Dell from the late forties. I found the record, a while back at a flea market paid $1 for it and took it home because I liked the funny title, then I went to and found it there!  It’s a great tune, inspired by Irish music.

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