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The Perfect Pens

It just seems to me that if you are going to spend money to advertise your business that you would give a little thought into making the decisions on what you want to say about you and your business. There are so many marketing options out there in today’s highly competitive business world. One concept that has been around for ever is giving away pens that have your company’s information on them. I have so many pens and pencils here […]

Lap Band

Lap band seems to become a very popular way for people to reduce their weight, which is a good thing all the way around. I’ve just heard that a family member (a distant cousin) who lives out in California, just received this surgical procedure and couldn’t be happier or healthier. He has been struggling with weight issues from day one, that side of the family comes from “large stock” but he is the first one to have this done, so I’m […]

Cheap Ink

Since I don’t the chance to go into town as often as I’d like to. I don’t want to go anywhere if I can help it. It’s a good thing that I can get a lot of what I need delivered right to my door by ordering items via the Internet. I don’t do a whole lot of printing here at the farm but just like anyone else, it seems that our inkjet cartridges are always running out and we […]

Donating to Charity Options

Philadelphia Red Cross Car Donation is looking to assist with the  process of donating your car, truck, SUV, van, airplane, boat, timeshare, or motorcycle, which is a good way to dispose of your unwanted vehicles and can provide you with a nice tax write off for the year. Since 2014 is now almost over and done with, all donations will be going towards the 2015 tax return season and I have several old vehicles here at the farm that are just […]

Scrubs For Today’s Fashion Conscience Medical Professionals

Surfing the net I ended up at a site that offers a wide variety of surgical scrubs for sale. We all have been seeing a lot more folks wearing some unique scrubs that have come on the market these past few years. The days of our medical personnel only wearing  those awful white medical lab coats are long over with. Today’s fashion conscience medical professionals are now sporting some pretty cool uniforms that helps them express themselves more and more. […]

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