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Perfect Match Required

The larrivee guitar that I ordered should be arriving any day now. I swear I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to hurry up and arrive. I haven’t purchased anything like this for myself in a very long time and it is exciting. I have Uncle Sam to thank for this much anticipated purchase.

While waiting for the delivery I have been looking at a sweet looking THD amp and have made arrangements to order it as soon as I have my new guitar in hand and can make sure that it is a perfect match.

tax refund reward to myself

Larrivee LV-10 Deluxe Series w/ Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

It’s All About The Data

There are so many ways to safely keep copies of your documents, photographs and digital music or video files, that it can be overwhelming trying to to keep up with them all. I have a tiny home office and as I was moving things around to make room for a new computer desk, I came across an assortment of media with backup files on them. I found floppy disks, zip drives, DVDs, and flash drives. What I really need is to check out the newest data storage systems and convert all the old files off the old media. After all, new computers do not even have a floppy drive anymore. How am I ever going to access the files on those old floppy disks now?

I’m sure the guys in our IT department at work are laughing at me. They have a lot bigger fish to fry, with protecting the data bass for our entire company. They have to worry about archiving years worth of business records, daily backups for every computer in every office, and data recovery in case of a natural disaster.

Their worries are huge compared to mine. Even so, I would be very upset if something happened and I lost all my years and years of photographs and special documents. I spent days scanning all my old files and organizing them. I was surprised to find how many papers I had saved over the years. Everything from medical records to high school report cards and souvenirs from all the concerts, trade shows and special events that I’ve attended over the years.

I remember when I worked at the law firm and had to keep track of the daily disk backup. Every morning I would come to work and rotate the disks from the servers to the storage area. And each night I would give the latest backup disk to the senior partner for him to put in his briefcase and take home with him so we had secure offsite storage. Now there are much faster and easier ways to accomplish the same thing. I do love progress!

data safe and secure

Operationalizing Spark with MemSQL

Green 911

The farm has always had issues, at one time or another, with a variety of pests, so I’ve always got my eyes open for different organic pest control info that would benefit us all the way around. This year the corn earworms are supposed to be hitting us bad, which is very disturbing news indeed, considering that corn earworms do major damage to other plants as well. The tomato plant and cotton also is a favorite of these nasty little moths and I don’t look forward to having to deal with this time around.

Organic bug control is the only way to go, in my mind. Too many chemicals have been used in the past around here at the farm, but those days are over and I intend to change a lot of things that I have in power to do so. I’m all about going as “Green” as I possibly can, when ever I can.

I’d like to share with you the following video that can be found online on YouTube. It is a five minute segment that speaks of Safer® brand and its wide range of OMRI Listed® Organic pest control products in a recent show, that I have found most informative and interesting and very relevant to this organic pest control.


Birthday Chocolates

It must really bite to have a birthday so close to Christmas. No matter what they say, you will get robbed of at least one or more of the celebrations, most likely several in your life time. My sister was born on December the 22nd and since she has become a mother she really has put her needs and wants behind everyone else, just like a good mother does. She hasn’t really celebrated her own birthday in many years, although I make a point of sending her a birthday present well ahead of time so that it doesn’t get lost in the holiday madness that goes on that last week before Christmas.

This year I ordered her some good quality chocolates that I have discovered online. She can squirrel them away some where away from her hubby and the kids and hopefully enjoy these nice chocolates all to her self, unless of course some are left over when I get over that a way after the holidays are done and over with. I always enjoy a nice piece of chocolate myself, but can only take so much as a time.

The Perfect Pens

It just seems to me that if you are going to spend money to advertise your business that you would give a little thought into making the decisions on what you want to say about you and your business. There are so many marketing options out there in today’s highly competitive business world.

One concept that has been around for ever is giving away pens that have your company’s information on them. I have so many pens and pencils here that my parents collected over the years that they lived here on the farm. They were here for a very long while and got to the town grow throughout the years, so it’s no wonder they accumulated so many writing utensils from all over the county. I have weeded out the real old crappy ones these past couple of years. It amazed me to find so many that didn’t work or were of very poor quality that it made writing with them a real chore.

Many of the ones that I seem to enjoy keeping and using are found online at at some very appealing discounted prices. If you want to give away decent pens I would encourage people to send a few more pennies and order the ones that are clearly a much better quality like the ones pictured below. But that is just my opinion.

affordable advertising

Clicker IV Affordable Custom Pens