Paper Less World, Ha!

Something that I over looked when I took over the place was the amount of paper work that would be involved in running a farm. Paper work and I are not on the best of terms these days, I’m so tired at the end of the day these past few months, that I find it hard to stay up after getting a bit to eat and shuffling papers around. Thank goodness for the Internet, they have really wonderful programs to help with today’s bookkeeping needs, but we still need to use and rely very heavily on our paper supply!

There is still a great need to correspond via the US Postal Service and I wish that I had taken the time to order some decent return address labels that I could just slap on all the envelopes that leave my desk each week. I’m tired of writing by hand, over and over, the name and the return address. So I think that the next time I go online for my personal use I will start looking for some deals on some nice quality but affordable return address labels. It shouldn’t be that big of deal.

The Perfect Pens

It just seems to me that if you are going to spend money to advertise your business that you would give a little thought into making the decisions on what you want to say about you and your business. There are so many marketing options out there in today’s highly competitive business world.

One concept that has been around for ever is giving away pens that have your company’s information on them. I have so many pens and pencils here that my parents collected over the years that they lived here on the farm. They were here for a very long while and got to the town grow throughout the years, so it’s no wonder they accumulated so many writing utensils from all over the county. I have weeded out the real old crappy ones these past couple of years. It amazed me to find so many that didn’t work or were of very poor quality that it made writing with them a real chore.

Many of the ones that I seem to enjoy keeping and using are found online at at some very appealing discounted prices. If you want to give away decent pens I would encourage people to send a few more pennies and order the ones that are clearly a much better quality like the ones pictured below. But that is just my opinion.

affordable advertising

Clicker IV Affordable Custom Pens

Flip Skateboards, The History Of

One sport that I never really had the opportunity to get involved in and my age now prevents me from participating in it now a days, is skate boarding. We did do some skate boarding as a kid, but it was no where near as popular and specialized as it is these days. It has become a very “hot” source of entertainment and has prompted a large population to get on these new, bigger and better, skate boards that are being available for this sport. I just know that if I were to try something like that now, at my age, that I would end up in the hospital and no one would be able to take care of the farm and all that goes along with the running of all the things that are important to take care of on a daily basis.

Flip skateboards are a type of board that I had not heard of and was reading about at, where they explain that these flip skateboards came about originally in the 1980’s in the U.K, they were first referred to as “Deathbox Skateboards” and were later named Flip in 1991 and then moved to California in 1994.

Along with this article they had some good photo’s and tons of products regarding to all types of this skateboarding craze, no matter what type, style or brand. You can even customize the building of your own boards here, short or long, no matter, they have it all. A good site to check out.

Lap Band

Lap band seems to become a very popular way for people to reduce their weight, which is a good thing all the way around. I’ve just heard that a family member (a distant cousin) who lives out in California, just received this surgical procedure and couldn’t be happier or healthier. He has been struggling with weight issues from day one, that side of the family comes from “large stock” but he is the first one to have this done, so I’m sure the rest will be following in suit soon.

He had the procedure done by a company that he located online at Topsurgeons dot com, where he read lap band testimonials a plenty and called their toll free phone number of 1-800-GET-SLIM and talked at great length with their top surgeons before consenting to have this new and improved procedure done for himself, which has changed his life so drastically.

To watch their lap band before and after video, one only has to go to their website, it has a lot to offer people that are contemplating this type of procedure. You may also receive a free lap band finance evaluation and see all the other procedures that they are offering in their many California locations.

Jewish Singles

Wanted to do something fun last night instead of sitting around the house bored. But I couldn’t find anyone who didn’t already have plans to go catch a movie with me. Even my friend Mack had plans – a date with someone new. He was very mysterious about the date and I thought he might be making the whole thing up!

But when I pressed him a bit, he admitted that she is someone he met on a chat for Jewish singles and this was their first date. His family is very religious and meeting Jewish Women is important to him but it can be a challenge locally. Turns out he has been talking to her online for a couple of weeks and finally made plans to meet up in person.