Muscle Cars – Making A Come Back

My good friend, that lives only a few miles from me, it totally into restoring cars. Many the old muscle cars that we are seeing more and more of on the roads these past couple of years. You can be that the driver of the car will at least be in their 40’s and most likely having a mid life crisis, much like the guys you see driving the old souped up Corvettes all these years that we have all laughed at watching them cruise down the road.

It is so cool that so many of the older cars are making a come back. Mustang’s right now seem to be ruling the road, once again, and now I’m seeing some pretty cool Chevy Camaro that are making a come back. These newer models are great to see making a comeback and it appears that there are plenty of parts available. CARiD is one of the places that you can find the chevy camaro accessories. They have been in the business since 2003 and are based out of Edison, NJ. My buddy relies on them a lot when he needs custom and OEM parts for his many projects that keep him busy day in and day out.

oldies are goodies

Muscle cars are making a big come back

Mending Fences

Today I spent all day mending fences – literally.  Last night a drunk driver ran off the road and through a large section of my fence.  Thankfully the police notified me that the fence was broken before I let the cattle out into that pasture.  I would have been really upset to have to try to herd the wayward cattle back after they had escaped!

So today I had to spend most of the day mending fences.  The worst part about it was the memories it brought back about how my parents were killed by a drunk driver.  I think that all cars should be equipped with a breathalyzer box and the car refuses to start if the driver has had too much to drink!

mending fences

Fencing For Cattle

Dozens of Reviews

Afters looking at over a dozen different online reviews and music stores I have decided a Martin 12 String Acoustic guitar would be a great birthday/Christmas present for my nephew this year. He has been using an old beat up guitar that his father found for him at a flea market years ago and I think it’s time that he had a nicer acoustic guitar to play on. He is a good kid and if strumming a guitar keeps him busy and out of trouble then so be it!

Short People – The Song

It seems as if songwriter Randy Newman didn’t win a whole heck of a lot of short friends when he wrote his 1977 hit “Short People”. The song was a hilarious parody, from a guy who was not vertically challenged. Randy Newman is 5 foot, 11 inches. Go figure.

A Mexican Telecaster

Interesting to find out that this Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar is often referred to as a mexican telecaster, a guitar that came out in the 50’s and is still a popular electric guitar that is still in demand in the music industry.

My oldest brother had one of these electric guitars back in the day. I will have to ask him if he still has it or even if he still plays any guitar at all.

The Mexican Telecaster

Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar

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