Pea Coats

I should have known that Pea Coats and other military outer wear would be making a come back. They say that all that is old becomes new again and that usually holds true all though I’m not sure when we will be seeing the roaring twenty dresses that the Can Can and Black Bottom dancers used to wear. That would be a sight to see on the streets in this day and age!

I remember back in the 70′s when I just had to have a Pea Coat and my mother searched high and low trying to find me one and she ended up having to go to an Army/Navy surplus store to find one, but she found one and I wore it proudly for years and years. I’m not sure where it ended up at, most likely it got donated to a thrift store, since my mother never tossed anything out.

This year I would like another Pea Coat and have found several at has always had wonderful selections from various well known manufacturers. Right now I have my eyes on a nice looking French Connection Dawson Coat and I plan on sending the link to several people that have been asking me for gift suggestions for my birthday.

Check out the looks of this Pea Coat. It is a classic double-breasted look with an extended length for warmth with full button front closure. It sports front hand pockets and long sleeves with banded cuffs. Dry cleaned only but that is to be expected with a nice coat such as this, so I’ll just have to be careful when and where I wear it. Certainly not outside around the farm and all the animals!

Zappos offers free shipping, both ways and 24/7 customer service along with a 365 day return policy. They accept Pay Pal which is something that I always look for when ordering online. They are still accepting orders and guaranteeing delivery before Christmas. So if you are still looking for good gift ideas you can count on Zappos!

Tax Day Right Around The Corner

Now that the deadline of April 15th is just a week away, there are plenty of people that are trying to get all the paperwork done in order to get their Federal taxes filed. I know an accountant in charlotte nc that is working day and night, as well as weekends in order to get all of his clients taxes done. This is the time of the year that accountants look forward to as well as dread because of their work load. A double edged sword, so to speak.

taxes are due on april 15th

April 15th

Expensive Flat Tire

This morning started badly when I found that my tractor had a flat tire. So I had to take the flat off and take it into town and buy a new tire. I thought the tire was going to cost about $250, but I ended up having to also buy a new tube to put inside it, plus they charged to remove the old tire from the rim, and put the new tire on the rim.

When all was said and done, it ended up costing me $514.  And you thought farming was cheap! This is one crappy April Fools joke.

Tires for the tractor

Tractor Tire

Trash Pick Up Changes

Even though I live out in a remote area we are lucky enough to have trash pick up provided to us each week. For as long as I can remember the trash was picked up on Monday morning. So each Sunday evening the trash goes out to the end of the long drive way.

This week there has been a change, instead of the usual Monday morning pick up, we have been notified that it will now be a Tuesday afternoon pick up. No big deal but it’s something that I have to adjust to after all these years.

It will be nice when they start offering the recycling items as well. They have been talking about this for several years. The wheels of justice turn so darned slow. Right now if you want to recycle items we have to take them to the recycling center that is over 45 minutes away from this place. What a pain, but if you want to recycle that is the only way to do it around here, for now.

Gonzalez Reeds And Other Family Dinner Chit Chat

Since I’ve never even had the opportunity to actually see or place in my hands any type of Clarinet, much less the Gonzalez reeds that my sister’s middle son was trying to explain to me at dinner at their place over the weekend. It felt good to get away from the house and the farm, with no major holiday or family events being celebrated, just a night away from all the critters and chores that keep me pretty chained to the old homestead the majority of the time.

A nice home cooked meal is always a welcomed change. One that wasn’t placed into some type of Tupperware and brought over for me to re heat by one person or another, usually my sister. I was able to sit and watch TV with my nieces and nephews, while smelling all the wonderful aromas that were floating out of the kitchen. It’s the small things like that which people that are suddenly on their own and secluded from most of the world.

Dinner was awesome, sis is a wonderful cook, something that my mother spend a lot of her time teaching her to do. So most of the dishes are from our mother and they taste just like home!

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