Customer Satisfaction Surveys

With money so tight, all the way around and across the board, as consumers we are all looking for ways to save money, while businesses are searching for ways to drum up business and bring our hard earned money into their bank accounts. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing anyone running a business, just stating a hard fact.

It seems that customer satisfaction surveys are a growing way for companies to hear how they are doing as well as finding ways to bring their current customers coming back. I don’t mind taking these surveys if there is something in it for me, not just the promise of being entered into some sweepstakes that the odds are completely stacked against me winning anything at all.

There are a few places that if you complete one of their customer satisfaction surveys that you will be given a code to write some where on your receipt so that you will receive some type of discount on your next purchase, those are surveys that I have no problem taking the time to complete. I always don’t mind a quick survey that only takes a few moments online since I’m on a computer some where most of the day. The kinds that I really refuse to complete are the kinds that come in the mail, no time for that and I don’t appreciate them junking up my mailbox with such trivial concerns.

North Carolina Furniture

One of the things that I am determined to keep around this place is the north carolina furniture that my mother worked so hard to find and to purchase. Back in the day when there wasn’t the Internet to find and order items from, a person would have to travel a long way to find some things that you just could find locally.

My parents took several trips down to North Carolina to pick out the perfect living room furniture for mother to decorate this old house with. At least it wasn’t too long of a drive for them to handle and sometimes that would incorporate a visit with some distant relatives that lived down around that area as well.

Mother was looking forward to taking another trip down south to pick up some new furniture for the dining before they both passed on. One day I’ll get around to replacing the very old and well used and worn furniture in there myself. But right now I have other things to deal with and besides that old dining room table holds a lot of memories that I’m just not ready to part with.

TV and Sports Programs

A good friend of mine has cable and I subscribe to satellite, so we tend to bounce back and forth to each other’s living room in order to get the best of both worlds.  He gets the best in cable sports, while I get the sunday ticket package, so between the two of us we get it all. It’s just too bad that we don’t live closer to each other but I can handle an hour drive in order to enjoy the companionship of a good friend and in order to enjoy a sporting event that I don’t get on my television.

We both try to keep the refrigerator full of beer and each is responsible for bringing over some munchies to enjoy during the games. It usually isn’t anything fancy, maybe some popcorn, nuts, chips and dip, something along that line. Once in a while we’ll call the local pizza joint to have a  pizza delivered, since neither one of us enjoys cooking and we both enjoy a thin crust pepperoni pizza.

I have found that Cox cable sports really does have the best selections available. And if I didn’t have the opportunity to go over to my buddies place to watch these sports with him I would most likely switch over to Cox cable. But I have had satellite for a good long time and have always had good customer service and I don’t pay a lot of money each month so for now I’ll just stay put. Since I do live alone it does me good to get out once in a while and I’ve known this guy for most of my life and it works out well for the both of us.


In this heat it really sucks getting firewood ready to burn for the cold winter months that are ahead us shortly. With the price of electricity who the heck can afford to heat their homes with the rising costs involved. So I’m trying to be a bit pro active and getting what I can get done while I can.

cutting wood

Being pro active by chopping wood in July

The Art of Blowing Glass

Hand Blown Glass Art is something that I enjoy. In fact I used to know a guy that did this lost art form and purchased several beautiful pieces that he had for sale, years ago when I ran across him at the flea market unsuspectingly. He was setting up there for a few months and then he was up and gone again and who knows when I will run into him again. I would really like to continue buying pieces from him to add to the ones that I have sitting on display in the living room that I get so much enjoyment from and love showing off to people that come by for a visit. His pieces are that beautiful.

I ran across the website of Hand Blown Glass last night. If you have any respect for this glass blowing field you really should go to their site and take a look, these pieces are truly amazing and are decently priced and guaranteed to arrive in one piece or you get your money back 100%.

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