The Tremolo Pedal Was A Huge Hit

The tremolo pedal that I bought my nephew last Christmas (wow Christmas seems like it was so long ago) has made a big impact on him and his music. Music has always been such a big deal in our families lives and I am glad to help nurture anyone’s interest and abilities in the family, when I can.

The house was always full of music back in the day. My mother didn’t enjoy a quiet house, so there was usually a radio on in various rooms and levels of the house. Something that I try to continue to do here today. I don’t like a quiet house either and since I live hear alone it is a constant battle, while trying to conserve electricity.

guitar centers boss pedal

Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal

Fix and Repair

Doesn’t anyone, anywhere, have some good news to share? I have to wonder this since every single person that I speak with has such sad and depressing stories to tell. The need for money has driven people into such desperate times and so many people are finding themselves in need of some type of credit repair due to the economy crisis. The trickle down effect has been devastating and lives are being destroyed left and right with credit becoming a “hot topic” indeed.

If something doesn’t break soon, and it certainly doesn’t sound good at this point, people are really going to be upset and even more depressed and stressed out and we will really be in a pickle. one that will leave a bad taste in every one’s mouth. I know of so many folks who are looking for ways to repair credit issues and have gone online to find relief. There are opportunities out there to fix credit, which is such an important aspect of today’s needs and lifestyles and ways to consolidate debts as well on the Internet.

I’d love to hear a good story, if one would care to share it here, it would be graciously received.

Slang Word Of The Day – Douched


I recently found a website that sends you an email with the Slang Word of The Day. Not something that I generally would be into but after checking out the site for a bit I decided that it could be interesting and entertaining as well. Today’s word was “Douched” not a term that I wasn’t familiar with, but I do now


? in a bad position with no recourse; “screwed”

Britt: I’m totally douched here, aren’t I?

— “Quid Pro Quo”, Terriers (TV, 2010), Season 1 Episode 12

Never Too Old To Learn

Last night I found myself doing some mindless surfing on the Internet. You know how you start clicking and clicking and the good lord only knows where you can end up in the end. I found myself at an interesting site, regarding retargeting, which is something that I knew absolutely nothing about. But I’m all about not be too old to learn anything, so I try and learn what I can, when I can.

I know that there is a lot involved with today’s computers and I have a lot to learn. But living the life that I do, on the farm and all, I don’t have all that much need to know so much of what is out there these days. My kid brother is the computer whiz of the family, he has taught me a good amount of things that I have found enlightening, just wish he could come around a bit more than he does at this point. I’m sure he would know all about retargeting companies and remarketing and all that goes along with that issue.

Cement Trivia

I enjoy learning new things all of the time. I guess you could say I’m a trivia buff. I’ve just got a curiosity that can’t be satisfied! So I do a lot of browsing on the Internet, to satisfy my curiosity! Today I was learning about Ordinary Portland Cement. I did not know that there were five different types of Portland Cement. I also did not know that cement is different from mortar or concrete – I thought they were just different words for the same product!

So today I learned that cement is one of the ingredients used to make mortar and concrete, but is NOT mortar OR concrete! And I learned that different types of cement are used for different purposes. Some types harden quicker than others, some can be buried and some can’t be buried. Cement really is a remarkable product!