The Art of Blowing Glass

Hand Blown Glass Art is something that I enjoy. In fact I used to know a guy that did this lost art form and purchased several beautiful pieces that he had for sale, years ago when I ran across him at the flea market unsuspectingly. He was setting up there for a few months and then he was up and gone again and who knows when I will run into him again. I would really like to continue buying pieces from him to add to the ones that I have sitting on display in the living room that I get so much enjoyment from and love showing off to people that come by for a visit. His pieces are that beautiful.

I ran across the website of Hand Blown Glass last night. If you have any respect for this glass blowing field you really should go to their site and take a look, these pieces are truly amazing and are decently priced and guaranteed to arrive in one piece or you get your money back 100%.

Someone Has To Do It

All of this rain is costing a fortune for so many good people, I’m sure the insurance companies are not at all happy with all of the claims that have been pouring in the past couple of months either. Cleaning and Restoration businesses have been experiencing a very good profitable year, and I hear that there is now a shortage of carpet drying fans austin texas area and these companies are scrambling for any type of fan that will help them during this extremely busy rainy season. This was the big topic of conversation at the Barber Shop early this morning. I couldn’t take another day of having my hair too long with the heat hitting us all ready this spring.

The Steam Team website is getting hit after hit after hit these days. A good website can make a big difference in today’s competitive world. The Steam Team has really expanded their cleaning services and are offering a large variety of other services as well that are listed online for online shoppers, much like myself. Word of mouth is still the best advertising, but the Internet has quickly climbed right up there and there is no excuse not to have a website if you are in any kind of business these days.

My Left Handed Shredders Guitar

Okay, I have gone ahead and submitted my order for the shredders guitar. It has taken a couple of weeks to decide which one to actual commit to purchasing such an extreme gift to myself, but what’s done is done. Considering I need a left handed guitar, at the end of the day I think I made a good choice.

Now all I have to do is waiting for it to arrive at the post office. They won’t deliver any packages to my mailbox since I live pretty far out in the boonies and the mailbox is almost a 1/4 drive down the driveway and who know who could grab it and drive away with it. So it doesn’t bother me to have to drive to the post office to pick up any packages, it’s only about four miles down the road and the Post Master is a good friend of the family. It’s always good to catch up with what is going on with everyone in town. If something is going on you can bet the Post Master will know before most people.

special for lefties

EVH Wolfgang Special Left-Handed Electric Guitar

Pet Peeves

One of my biggest pet peeves is the spamming issue, this is something that is continuing to get worse and not better and I just have to get it off of my chest.

I am so sick and tired of getting all of these spammed messages every single day, that state “I didn’t agree with you first, but last paragraph makes sense for me…” especially when the post is absolutely not about anything that could be agreed or disagreed upon! These folks need to at least put some type of thought into their comments! At least take the time to actually read the postings and than make your comment relevant to it, it really is not that difficult to do.

Computers and the Internet have made things so much easier for us and it is has become for us all a huge time saver, it really bites to get bogged down with such trivial nonsense.

Nady-HM-10U Headset Mic

With the Nady HM-10U being marked down to such a decent price, as well as getting the headset without having to pay for shipping and handling, just makes sense to go ahead order it. My nephew has his 13th birthday coming up next month and I think, no I know, that he would be thrilled with this gift idea that I have managed to come up without having to do much asking around and/or digging.

I hope the look on his face when he opens this gift, will be an exciting one. Hopefully it will be a Kodak moment that could possibly be captured by someone with all the cell phones and iPads, that everyone has on their person most of the time.

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