Favorite News Program

In my opinion there is no news program better than the Today Show on NBC. The reason that the Today Show is my favorite news program is because it is one of the first news programs that I can remember ever watching. Jane Pauly and Bryant Gumbel have now given way to Matt Lauer and his cohorts. Another figure that I can remember very well from those old days was Gene Shalit and his movie reviews. As a matter of fact, Gene still makes an appearence on the current show every now and then.

Then there is none other than Willard Scott and his recognizing of people who have reached their 100th birthday. Still, the Today Show in my opinion delivers the morning news like none other and is the best among the major networks. There is nothing better than turning on my TV and watching the Today Show each and every morning. I found some really great satellite TV deals, so it’s nice to really use them! It has been a tradition that has gone on in my households for many years and will be for many years to come, regardless who the host of the show is.

Perfect Match Required

The larrivee guitar that I ordered should be arriving any day now. I swear I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to hurry up and arrive. I haven’t purchased anything like this for myself in a very long time and it is exciting. I have Uncle Sam to thank for this much anticipated purchase.

While waiting for the delivery I have been looking at a sweet looking THD amp and have made arrangements to order it as soon as I have my new guitar in hand and can make sure that it is a perfect match.

tax refund reward to myself

Larrivee LV-10 Deluxe Series w/ Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

Web Hosting Options

I have learned so much about computers and all that the Internet has to offer us all these past couple of years since taking over the house and the farm. I don’t know what I would have done without my handy dandy laptop, gone completely insane I would imagine. With not much extra time on my hands most days, my social life is a joke and I don’t get much company, besides family, so the computer has become my best friend and I have still so much to learn about my new best friend.

I have been looking into switching to a new web hosting provider. There are several out there that have been doing their part in the “green movement” that has become so popular with everyone these days and I would like to do what I can to help as well. So I found a good web hosting reviews and rating site that lists the top ten Green Web Hosting providers that has helped me sort them all out to find the right match for me and my needs and wants. GreenGeeks advertises that it is 300% Green Hosting, that is a pretty high percentage, wouldn’t you say.

I’ll take my time and see what I can figure out the next couple of days.

It’s All About The Data

There are so many ways to safely keep copies of your documents, photographs and digital music or video files, that it can be overwhelming trying to to keep up with them all. I have a tiny home office and as I was moving things around to make room for a new computer desk, I came across an assortment of media with backup files on them. I found floppy disks, zip drives, DVDs, and flash drives. What I really need is to check out the newest data storage systems and convert all the old files off the old media. After all, new computers do not even have a floppy drive anymore. How am I ever going to access the files on those old floppy disks now?

I’m sure the guys in our IT department at work are laughing at me. They have a lot bigger fish to fry, with protecting the data bass for our entire company. They have to worry about archiving years worth of business records, daily backups for every computer in every office, and data recovery in case of a natural disaster.

Their worries are huge compared to mine. Even so, I would be very upset if something happened and I lost all my years and years of photographs and special documents. I spent days scanning all my old files and organizing them. I was surprised to find how many papers I had saved over the years. Everything from medical records to high school report cards and souvenirs from all the concerts, trade shows and special events that I’ve attended over the years.

I remember when I worked at the law firm and had to keep track of the daily disk backup. Every morning I would come to work and rotate the disks from the servers to the storage area. And each night I would give the latest backup disk to the senior partner for him to put in his briefcase and take home with him so we had secure offsite storage. Now there are much faster and easier ways to accomplish the same thing. I do love progress!

data safe and secure

Operationalizing Spark with MemSQL